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NanoM Wafer

Sustained Release Technology

The NanoM Wafer is an electrospun sustained-release or immediate-release drug delivery system with proprietary compositions that are:

  • bioadhesive to mucosa

  • biocompatible

  • porous (mimics mucosa) (see image below)

  • rapidly hydrating---integrating with mucosa as drug is released

  • hydrogel - forming after hydration (see image below)

  • can contain multiple drugs with modulated rates of release

  • being developed for "front-of-the-eye" ophthalmic applications to efficiently administer medications to target site (see image for method of use)

  • small < 6 mm in diameter (see image below)

  • Applications for other routes in-development (Women's Health, Transcutaneous, Urological)

OcuSurf Lipid Nanoparticles

Enhance bioavailability through higher membrane permeation

OcuSurf LNP delivery system :

  • Are lipid nanoparticles "nanocores" that are liquid-crystalline (ordered internal microstructure, see microscopy images)

  • Particle size, lipid composition and surface characteristics enhance rapid permeation of formulation into interstices of skin and other lipid structures

  • Nano-size promotes mucosa penetration (see figure below)

  • Once inside, nano-cores melt and release drug

  • APIs that demonstrate low bioavailability are great candidates

  • Nano-core size (<200 nm) penetrates the hair follicles of the eye-lid margin

  • Being developed for ophthalmic, dermal and follicullar indications

  • Fully patented in 12 global jurisdictions

  • 505b2 regulatory strategy

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