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Vision and Focus

Symphony Therapeutics is focused on developing transformational therapies utilizing its fully patented OcuSurf™ and NanoM™ Wafer nano-delivery systems to address unmet clinical need in ocular, otic and dermatologic indications.

Meet The Team

Shikha Barman Head Shot2.jpg

Shikha P. Barman, Ph.D.
Founder, President and CEO

Shikha Barman, Ph.D. is a subject area expert with 28+ years of translational experience in the drug development business with numerous patents and publications in drug delivery and biomaterials. She was inducted as a Fellow in 2021 from AIMBE, a prestigious organization in biological engineering for her contributions to drug delivery and biomedical engineering. Dr. Barman is the primary inventor for the globally patented NanoM and OcuSurf technologies. In 2011, she co-founded Integral BioSystems, a Boston-area contract research organization focused on complex products. Dr. Barman has developed the company into a credible and, profitable entity in ophthalmic, dermatological and injectable product development. Her guidance in innovative drug delivery has grown the company global patent portfolio into significant assets for the company, resulting in collaborations with Pharma and the spin-off of Symphony Therapeutics. Dr. Barman worked at Follica, Inotek Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sontra Medical Corporation, Zycos and Focal, participating in the development of tissue sealants, DNA-vaccines, tissue regeneration and transcutaneous vaccinations. Dr. Barman has a dual degree PhD in Polymer Science and in Plastics Engineering from University of Massachusetts at Lowell, a M.S. in Polymers from University of Massachusetts at Lowell, a M.S. in Advanced Physical Chemistry and B.S. in Chemistry from Auburn University, AL.


Dave Karasic, Esq.
Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Legal/ IP Counsel

Dave Karasic brings >38+ years of engineering, IP and legal experience to the company. Dave Karasic is responsible for contracts development, general operations, legal counseling/strategy and intellectual property strategy and management. Mr. Karasic is also COO and Legal Counsel for Integral BioSystems, managing its patent portfolio and operations since 2011, securing global patents on OcuSurf and NanoM Wafer innovations. Prior to Integral BioSystems, Dave was sole proprietor of Patents Etcetera, a MA-based boutique small-business targeted patent and IP house. Mr. Karasic has a B.A. in Biology from Trent State College, NJ, a Masters in Engineering Management from Boston University, MA, USPTO Patent Bar certification (2006) and a J.D. from Massachusetts School of Law, Andover, MA. In addition, he is licensed in the State of Massachusetts Bar.

Kevin Ward (1).jpeg

Kevin Ward
Director, R&D

Kevin Ward is Director of Research and Development at Symphony Therapeutics. He is one of the inventors for both the NanoM and OcuSurf Technologies. Mr. Ward has led Integral’s programs since 2013 as R&D head, securing successes for all products developed at Integral in programs that have spanned from ophthalmology to injectables for systemic disease indications. In addition, Kevin has trained and mentored numerous employees in the company’s complex product development activities. Prior to Integral and Symphony, Kevin worked at Massachusetts-based Alkermes, Inc. working on microencapsulated sustained release injectable products. Kevin has numerous patents and patent applications, all in drug delivery systems. Kevin Ward has a B.S. from Williams College and a M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA.


Anne-Marie Cromwick, Ph.D.
Quality and Technical Operations

Anne-Marie Cromwick is the Head of Quality and Technical Operations at Symphony Therapeutics. She joined Integral BioSystems in 2015 and single-handedly constructed the framework of Integral BioSystems Quality Systems, including its cGLP functionalities. Additionally, she is Head of the Quality, Technical Operations and Project Management at Integral, leading several projects to successful completion. At Symphony, she will be responsible for overseeing to completion, all cGLP projects. Dr. Cromwick has a degree in Chemistry from Bates College, ME and a dual degree Plastics Engineering and Polymer Science, from University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Koushik Barman Head Shot.jpg

Koushik Barman, Ph.D.
Scientist and Product Lead
Ideation and New Products

Koushik Barman is one of the original inventors of the OcuSurf LNP delivery system. He developing the technology to be highly membrane-permeable to enhance bioavailability. He has enabled numerous molecules in the OcuSurf technology. Koushik is also one of the original inventors of a novel nanocrystalline form of Fluticasone Propionate and of the NanoM Wafer technology. Koushik is also one of the microencapsulation experts at Integral BioSystems, specializing in sustained release. Koushik has a B.A. in Biology in 2012 from Clark University, MA, a M.S. in Cell Biology in 2016 from Brandeis University and a Ph.D. in 2022 in Pharmaceutics from MCPHS University in Boston, MA. Koushik has 10 patents and patent applications.

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