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About Us

Symphony Therapeutics, LLC was founded in 2022, as a spin-off of Bedford, MA-based Integral BioSystems, LLC. Symphony Therapeutics is developing products based on the patented OcuSurf LNP and NanoM delivery systems.




Symphony's products are based on OcuSurf LNP and NanoM Wafer, to be licensed in from Integral BioSystems.

Both innovations have been fully patented.

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Symphony Therapeutics' products are focused on specific ophthalmic, otic and dermatologic indications using  505b2 regulatory approaches to rapidly gain approval and commercial access.

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NanoM Wafer and OcuSurf technologies have been patented in global jurisdictions. Additionally, the technologies have been enabled in multiple indications in ophthalmology and dermatology.



Symphony's programs are being funded by Integral BioSystems investors and founders. The company is actively looking for investors in its programs.



Symphony may be hiring soon. Check back often for details or send in your CV!

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Contact Us

Contact us by filling out the information form, or sending in a query via email. We want to hear from you.

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